Monday, July 27, 2009

Sleep is good :)

I can't remember the last time I got as much sleep as I did last night. The baby slept almost 7 straight hours (probably cause I put a diaper doubler in with her diaper insert - we use cloth diapers - so she wasnt sobbing wet come 2am!) And when kids #2&3 got out of bed they just went downstairs, put Charlotte's Web in the VCR (Yes, we still have one of those), and watched it quietly until I got up at 8:30...

Yes, sadly, 8:30am is "sleeping in" when you work for yourself and have 4 kids and a husband and a house to manage. I remember the days when I would literally stay in bed until noon or later, getting up just long enough to send the kids off to school, then climb back into bed, or onto the couch to doze in and out all day long, getting dressed for the day just in time for the bus to drop the kids off in the afternoon.

It's nice to actually have some Ambition now!

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