Monday, July 27, 2009

Hormone Free Birth Control

There was just an Ad showing on my blog for hormone free birth control, I think it was advertising the sponge... I prefer hormone free birth control myself, though I can't honestly say I have ever tried the sponge, so don't take the ad being on my site as an endorsement for the product, or any other ad that is, unless I let you know specifically that it is something I can endorse!

Personally for hormonal birth control, what I rely on the most at present (while waiting for my husbands vasectomy to be proven effective!) is Natural Family Planning (charting your cycle, tracking cervical mucus, all that), I know it sounds complicated and gross, but its pretty easy and comes naturally once you learn how to do it... We do also use Condoms and Spermicide most of the time, but having the NFP as a backup in case condoms fail or we forget to use the spermicide, etc. was effective in preventing pregnancy for about a year and a half, until we decided to go ahead and TRY to get pregnant, and it's worked for multiple months since we had #4.

As for Spermicide, I like that VCF - Vaginal Contraceptive Film, sometimes I will use Encare, which are these bullet shaped spermicide things that kind of "melt" after they are inserted. I prefer the VCF cause its less "Messy", Encare leaves you feeling kinda gross after...

But yeah, there are my recommendations for hormone free birth control!

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