Monday, May 21, 2012

I Love A Good Read!

So, I was on Facebook recently, scrolling through the list of my friends updates and looking up parks that hubby and oldest son were reading about so we can plan out our camping trip, when Chris, over at Wicked Awesomology, posted a link to his latest post about a road trip he took through our state this weekend. Always up to read something he's written, and get ideas for places in Maine to visit, I clicked over... After reading yet ANOTHER great post from him, I happened to notice on his sidebar, a list of books he was reading and some he had currently read. Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you that in my "abundance" of free time, if I'm not on the computer, I'm probably curled up with my nose in a book (that's how I spent most of Friday and Sunday in fact!), so I clicked through and got hooked!

I spent about 3 hours rating books that I've read (and wow, it didn't even come close to touching how many I actually HAVE read), and adding books to my "To-Read" list. This morning I found more, and actually went onto Amazon and bought a book that I'm now anxiously awaiting the arrival of. I was so excited to read about this book that I didn't even cash in my Swagbucks and wait for a gift card to arrive, I actually paid cash!

The book that I ordered is: Against Medical Advice and can also be found under the title  Med Head: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle with My Brain - This is a book by James Patterson (one of my favorites!) about 5 year old Cory Friedman waking up with tics and eventually being diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the struggles that go along with finding the right doctors and treatment and the heartache of his family dealing with this.

I have read one other book called Ryan: A Mother's Story of Her Hyperactive/Tourette Syndrome Child that was a personal story of a boy living with Tourette's Syndrome, his was caused by his ADHD medications, it was an amazing book, I'd recommend it to anyone who is struggling with a family member who has been diagnosed (or is suspected to have) Tourette's Syndrome.
You can find me on Good Reads at  I'll be working on adding more books I've read and reviews as I am able to!

Full disclosure: If you click on any of the links that go to above and purchase any of the items I posted, I'll get a tiny reward for sending you their way, I'm all about saving money though so if you can find it cheaper somewhere else,  more power to ya! If you sign up for Swagbucks through my link, I'll be rewarded for introducing you to the site!