Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just WHAT Were You Looking For?

So I enjoy reading Mental Poo and he has this GREAT series of blog posts that show some of the CRAZY stuff people who wind up on his site are searching for... this inspired me to check out my own stats, and even though I haven't posted anything in awhile, there were some pretty interesting results...

Umm.... Sex Mummy? Sex Free Mamaam? I can get the rest of those, but... WHAT?!?!?!

I searched for "Sex mummy" and couldn't find my site... I did, however, find some PRETTY interesting URL's that I refuse to click on, and "Sex free mamaam" brought about some equally disturbing titles and URL's...

Monday, September 19, 2011

And I now know that the interwebs hates me

It just took me almost an HOUR to log into this damned website... my password kept coming up as wrong, and I had to try 4 different passwords and log in using a bunch of different accounts (because I'm cool like that and have about a gazillion)... all of which were WRONG and most of which gave me a warning that they thought my account had been compromised, so now I have to create a NEW password to use for everything... just after I FINALLY got everything organized and memorized my password that I've been using for the last 5 years... yeah, I know, I should really change it a bit more often than that...

I live in a bubble of sorts... false sense of security and all that...

Anyway, I know I haven't posted in months, and I desperately want to post more, I just haven't had time! Lame excuse I know... bad blogger!

What's up with me you ask? Well, 4 crazy kids, relocated my business, hired a new girl, now get home at a reasonable time of day... Hubby's boss, coworkers and family all keep offering him help if he decides he wants to leave me, and Oh, yeah, did I mention I had no idea our marriage was on the rocks? NEWS FLASH! When your hurricane supply list consists of a bottle of rum and freshly brewed iced tea, you learn all sorts of fun facts.... Thanks Irene!

Things have been rough the past 6 months or so... probably the main reason I didn't post anything is because shortly after my last post, Oldest Son flipped his lid... went nuts one night, busted through a door with a rock trying to attack me, and then spent 3 weeks in a mental hospital... I'm sorry "Behavioral Health Facility"... mental hospital... They put him on new medication, and then the insurance company kept trying to send him home... yeah that was gonna happen... When I have to baracade two of my children in a room with myself while their older brother is going all nuts-o in the hallway trying to bust through a door and come after us... Yeah, I think not. When he was released 18 days after admission he went to my dads, and stayed there for a month or so. He finally came home shortly after the 4th of July... his hiatus caused him to miss the tail end of the school year, but they passed him anyway and he's doing great in the 5th grade so far!

There was a lot of ups and downs over those few months, getting meds straightened out, making sure we had all of the supports necessary to make sure home was SAFE for everyone, but it's been steadily progressing and getting better... by the end of summer he was getting up in the morning, making breakfast for himself and the other kids, and being generally helpful. It's been wonderful to see my son thrive as a normal 10 year old!

The first week of school they FINALLY got all of his developmental assessments done that they've been putting off for TWO years (Yes Special ed department... You SHOULD know that I know that that is HIGHLY against the law..... and You're DAMNED lucky I had too much on my plate to push the matter!)... and the results are IN.... My son has a freaking IQ of 113! While I know this doesn't make him a super genius, Average is only 100, so that makes him High Average Intelligence, this makes me a proud Mama-bear!

They also diagnosed him with a Phonological Processing Disorder, which from what I've been able to gather has something to do with his long term memory not letting him access his knowledge of symbols (numbers and letters) quickly while he is doing school work and the like, so he makes a lot of mistakes, such as mixing up letters and numbers, his basic handwriting and things like that... He KNOWS it all (Hello... IQ of 113... Just sayin'!), he just needs more time to process things... His reading and writing scored around 2nd and 3rd grade levels, but when he dictates answers and has material read to him, his answers blew away the instructor... I'm so proud...!

We also had an Occupational Therapy Evaluation done over the summer and that had some VERY interesting information for us... I forget the details and don't have the results handy at the moment, but it was very enlightening... the evaluator said he shows classic physical traits of ADHD and that when he is stressed he loses access to half of his brain, which cuts off his access to his eyes, ears and mouth, so quite literally he can't SEE the problem, HEAR what you are saying or COMMUNICATE with anyone... and all he has left is his legs which is his Fight or Flight instinct, and he leans to the Fight side of things... explains SO much!Photo courtesy of: http://bufferingbrain.blogspot.com/2011/02/fight-or-flight-response.html