Friday, July 31, 2009

Are All Work At Home Mom's Lazy?

Now seriously, please, answer me this. There are certain people I have the misfortune of associating myself with that seem to believe that because my work and home share a driveway that I must be able to "just take a day off" and go do whatever, whenever I (or should I say THEY) deem it necessary.

Yes, I work from the same property my residence is at, which TECHNICALLY makes me a work at home mom. My work is TECHNICALLY outside of the house though, as this was once a garage, so I guess all of our Technicalities are slightly off-kilter and we should probably try to synchronize them.

Let me start the process by explaining to you that I AM A WORK AT HOME MOM, THEREFORE I WORK!!! Emphasis on that nasty 4 letter word right there, but yes, I DO work!

I am available to kiss booboo's, change diapers, make lunch, put toddlers down kicking and screaming for their naps, cuddling babies, playing legos and all the other good stuff that requires doing during the day like laundry and other household necessities, BUT that does NOT mean I am available to get in the car at any hour during the day to drive to the park or the playground or hell, an HOUR away to visit you, my NON-working STAY AT HOME mother of THREE who lives with her brother and spends her days on the computer playing the applications on Myspace, who could just as easily, if not EASIER, pack up her kids and drive to MY house.

I WORK. Plain and simple. The location where this work takes place is completely irrelevant because the fact that Monday through Saturday from 10am to 4:30pm I AM WORKING, so stop asking me to "just take a day off" and go do this or that with you unless YOU want to fork over the money needed to finish paying bills and buying clothes and all that extra stuff, after my husbands weekly paycheck is drained on groceries and OTHER bills.

Thank you for understanding!

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