Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Children Are Electronically Deprived

That's right, I'm one of those mean parents who hasn't given my children access to every little gadget man-kind has created.

We have a Wii, that is hooked up in the family room to our large flat screen TV. That's about as fancy as we get. We use it for Netflix, and we have an assortment of sports and fitness related games, things that make the user MOVE their body instead of sitting still and vegging out on nonsense.For those mind-numbing days, we do have 2 MySims games and Oregon Trail (because HELLO, what childhood is complete WITHOUT Oregon Trail?!?!?!). We don't really play the games every often, 90% of the time, when the Wii is on we are watching Netflix (and even THAT is limited). We rarely watch Television and when we do, Netflix and VHS movies are about it.When other kids are playing their (insert this week's popular handheld game) or watching MTV or whatever else it is that kids spend their time zoning out on these days... my kids are doing Yoga (like in the photo to the right, where Youngest Daughter is practicing her Half-Moon pose), reading books, riding bikes, building forts, doing Origami (honestly, Oldest Son actually has a REALLY deep interest in that!) and artwork.

Hows about that, my kids actually use their imaginations and creativity to keep themselves occupied!

I grew up without all sorts of fancy gadgets, and my kids are doing the same, and I have to say it's working out quite well for us! They take an active interest in helping to grow the garden, my 10 year old is trying to draw plans for a HOUSE (a very CREATIVE house... out of a Saguaro cactus no less!), my 8 year old is an extremely talented artist (drawings below), both of the girls are well rounded and take an interest in the garden and plants and are very creative when it comes to entertaining themselves with or without toys. I like to think we've done a pretty good job with these guys.

And now for the proud Mommy art show!

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