Sunday, December 6, 2009

I've Been De-Friended

Years ago my mother became friends with this guy on Yahoo! Chat.. he was with this crazy lunatic, and eventually they broke up. After awhile he met this other girl who we all really liked, they got married (in my living room!!!!), and after a couple years had a little girl.

It has been years now, lots of ups and downs between everyone involved. I still chat with both he and his wife regularly on [A popular social networking site].

Over the past couple of months his wife has seriously been seeming like she's LOSING HER FUCKING MIND!

Seriously... She was fed up with her job, and making excuses NOT to go, regardless of the fact that her husband has been unable to find a job at this point in time, and money is stretched super tight, like to the point they are having a hard time paying bills and providing for their daughter, even when she's working regularly.

Her husband knew she was tired of her job and was trying desperately to make life easy at home and find a job himself so she can change jobs, or whatever.

Instead of taking Her FAMILY and RESPONSIBILITIES into consideration, she just quits her job and takes another job, with a MAJOR pay cut...

Insisting for the first week that she's FINALLY doing what she loves, and how she's making a difference, etc.

Great, now let's just forget the fact that you TOLD YOUR FIVE YEAR OLD that she probably won't be getting anything for Christmas because you didn't want to keep your old job, and that she was heartbroken and cried herself to sleep that night... no, we won't bring that up at all.

Fast Forward another week... and EVERY post she makes on her status is complaining about her job, how much she hate it, how miserable she is, blah, blah, blahty blah.

Now.. I'm sorry but I've listened to her husband vent about this for a couple months now. She's bipolar and wasn't on meds and her doctor wasn't helping... My mother is Bipolar, My son very well may be bipolar as well... I KNOW what he is going through, on top of seeing her posts myself.

So FINALLY I say something. I posted a comment and asked if she was ever going to stop complaining about her job and just be thankful that she HAS one at all, when there are SO Many of us out there who can't find one.

That was it.

So she sends me a message and tries turning it into a pity party, how she hurt herself at work so she can't do hardly anything other than making beds, etc.

So? Specify that you hurt yourself and you're frustrated because you can't do what you're supposed to be doing... would that be so hard?

So she messages me back and is acting all poor pitiful me again saying "So it's ok for you and everyone else to vent online, but not me, I see. I'll just take you off my friends list and you wont have to see it anymore"

So I got dirty... and without telling her that her husband is seriously considering changing the locks one day while she's gone because he's completely fed up with her bitching and refusing to take care of herself or anyone else (including SHOWERING Ya'll!!!!!), I told her she may want to consider taking my advice before she loses EVERYTHING, because I've seen her attitude and I've seen how she treats her husband, and I can't understand why he puts up with it.

And she has officially "de-friended" me.... I'm heartbroken... no, really, can't you tell?

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Sherry said...

I am happy to know that I am not the only one dealing with stupid people. Seriously I feel your pain!