Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Playing Hide-and-Seek with Luna

Last night on our way to town to pick up hubby from work, it was just me and the girls (Princess and Monkey), the boys had plans. Princess is in the back seat and I'm driving (umm, obviously) and she starts LAUGHING, like completely giggling like crazy. I turn the radio down (cause you know, it HAS to be cranked in order for me to drive without killing someone) and listen, this is what I hear:

"Where is she?.... THERE SHE IS!!!.... Peek-A-Boo!... She hiding again... She good a hiding.... *giggle*.... Peek-A-Boo!... Her a hiding again"

Ummm... What?

So it turns out Princess was watching the *AMAZING* (full?) moon last night and was playing "hide-and-seek" with it. When it went behind trees, it was hiding, then it would come out and she would yell peek-a-boo and start laughing like crazy, it was great.

I told her that the Moon's name was "Luna" (one of MANY names for the Moon depending on what following you are of), and after that she was like "Where is 'woona'" (cause you know, three year olds have a hard time with that 'L' sound sometimes).

Then... completely of her own accord, she comes out with this:

"Mommy... 'Woona' is like a Mommy..... and the Sun is like a *Daddy!"

But yeah, so someone tell me WHERE did she pick this up? Because as I said in my previous post... I have NOT really incorporated ANY of my Pagan beliefs into my parenting (yet), so I'm having a hard time understanding LOGICALLY where my 3 year old picked this up from... not that it isn't totally AWESOME, cause seriously? A 3 year old who knows Sun=Male and Moon=Female? AWESOME TIMES THREE!


*Daddy is used in place of hubbys name because Princess calls him by his first name, not daddy

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