Saturday, August 15, 2009

About The Author

I figured since I have been blogging for awhile, you might want to know a little more about me since I haven't really said too much... So let's proceed to the 4 letter words!

Love: I have a wonderful husband who is supportive in everything that I do, in all the years we have been together, we have never once had a fight, he is the picture of a perfect husband and father. He works 40 hours a week outside of the home, comes home in the evening, helps with dinner and housework, spends time with me and plays with the kids, and never makes me feel less than worthy even when I'm having a hard time keeping up, he just takes up the slack and helps me get back to normal.

Kids: I have Four, two daughters and two sons, the perfect balance that I always dreamed of. They are all spaced 2-3 years apart, so you can imagine the extreme variety in what we are dealing with! From Diapers to the Tooth Fairy, Coloring Books to Homework.

Diet: I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, the result of which is a bit of a weight problem associated with eating for comfort, as well as only eating convenience foods. Since my husband and I have been together he has introduced me to a much healthier diet, that almost completely eliminates High Fructose Corn Syrup (because lets face it, that stuff just ain't good for ya!) and lots of other nasty stuff. All of our meat is purchased at a local grocery where the owner is very careful about not selling meat that has been injected with dyes, saline solutions, or raised on artificial growth hormones. We eat many more vegetables than I ever had growing up and even grow our own when possible. As for convenience foods, you really won't find any in our house, almost everything we eat is home made, we even bake our own breads whenever possible!

Work: Ahh, yes, we knew this was coming, because really, you'll be hard pressed to find a blog out there on the world wide web that doesn't mention some money making scheme, LOL! Ok, seriously, I really do work. I am self employed, I run a store that is located right next to my house, I literally walk about 10 steps to work every day! I won't say what I sell because that's a whole other blog, and it IS out there, if you can find it LOL! There are SOME things I do online to make money as well, such as Yuwie, Clixsense and Swagbucks. I will post more about those later, but I will give you a brief bit now... between the three of them I have made well over $150 and yes, I have been paid... Yuwie pays via Paypal or Check, Clixsense pays via check and Swagbucks you redeem for Gift Cards (I always get cards)

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