Monday, August 3, 2009

11 Hours Of Home Improvements

Yesterday was a VERY busy day in our household, Sunday's are my ONE day off from my job, I know, my boss is such a bitch making me work 6 whole days a week, for 6, sometimes more hours a day - What a Slave Driver!

Instead of taking the "day off" like you would expect, my husband and I decided that we needed to put forth some brute force to clean and de-clutter our house. #1 is currently away from home, #'s 2&3 were able to help some, and well #4 was nice enough to not scream and want to eat all day, so between nursings I was able to help hubby clean.

Things we managed to do:

  • Dishes
  • 4 or 5 Loads of Laundry
  • Cleaned #2's Bedroom (Complete with sorting his clothes, refolding and organizing his dresser and weeding out clothes that no longer fit - note to self, he needs more pants, hes down to 2 pairs)
  • Cleaned #1's Bedroom completely out, so that we could cover the walls and floor with white primer (to prepare for actual painting, and finally completing the project started nearly a year ago of building him his own room)
  • Cleaned the room shared by #'s 3&4 - Washing bedding, washing down #3's mattress (shes potty training), sorting clothes, and organizing dressers, weeding out clothes that no longer fit (#3's hand me downs were put into a tote for #4 to grow into and #3's hand me downs were put into a bag to give to my cousin as I absolutely need NO girls clothes for store inventory at this point in time!)
  • 2 Trips to the transfer station (Recycling center/Dump) With about 4 more bags prepared for a trip next weekend plus whatever we will come up with through-out the week
  • Cleaned OUR room & our TINY little closet that seems to wind up storing EVERYTHING except our clothing (Trying to figure that one out still!)
  • Cleaned the Hallway (that had been storing bags and boxes up the Wah-Zoo of who knows what for months
After sorting through all of these places and things and going to the transfer station we managed to organize things somewhat. Got some of the Christmas & Halloween decorations that had been in storage totes in the hall way up into the closet on the 3rd floor that HAD been housing some of the husband's tools for work. We went through all the blankets in the Mini Closet the two of us are expected to share, got some ready for Freecycle (Note To Self: Post those on Freecycle after posting blog), weeded those down to one spare blanket for each bed in the house with an extra blanket and pillow for company, plus special blankets like the ones my mother made and the Quilt my Great-Grandmother made for me, put those all into a large tote in the third floor closet with the Holiday decorations. I finally went through my Trunk and 3 boxes of BOOKS, I even found some I HAVEN'T READ YET (Hallelujah, there are BOOKS to be read!) I loaded up the trunk with books to put in the store (things I've already read and have no desire to save or things I have no desire to read) and saved out one large overflowing box full of books that I must NEVER part with (Ahhh, Love me some Stephen King, James Patterson and V.C. Andrews!), after I read those unread ones that caught my eye I will decide if they are to become Inventory or Collection.

2 Bags included in our trip to the Transfer Station were FULL of clothes from the donation I received to the store last week... I love free stuff, especially when I can make money off it, but there were about 4 boxes of clothes, that all smell musty and old... A few very old dresses, like from the 60's and 70's maybe that I will be donating to the local theater for costumes, but 90% of the clothes that came in are so old and outdated that I doubt I'd ever be able to sell them, and these people probably knew that which is why they were planning to just take them to Goodwill and happened to think of my store first, which is great, but seriously, now I get stuck with the job of disposing of their trash LOL! At least I got some cool knick-nacks and stuff that I'm pretty sure I'll be able to sell at some point, and some nice stuff I'm keeping for the family as well!

Now, off to make phone calls to doctors to schedule checkups.

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