Thursday, April 21, 2011

And if we're being honest....

Then honestly I think I need a drink.

But for now, Lindt Intense Mint Chocolate will have to do. Especially since I'm at work, and even though I know my boss wouldn't complain about me drinking on the job, I'm afraid I may over/under charge customers, and THAT my friends, would be a problem.

I just spent two and a half hours filling out paperwork for my various offspring and their various STUFF.

Oldest Daughter (4) had a packet of information that required me to provide them with all but documentation confirming that she does, in fact, live on the planet Earth. I do however have to provide documentation confirming that she does live in our town. Damn Pre-Kindergarten and your need to know everything from conception to now.

For Youngest Son (7) I had to fill out two wonderful packets of information. They required damn near the same information that Oldest Daughter's paperwork needed, and I had to do his twice. Darn Psychiatrists and Developmental Specialists... thinking they need to know all this stuff... I'm still trying to understand why they need to know if he masturbates... and why they think I would know this.

Slow day at work, which is nice because it left me plenty of time to get that paperwork done... most of which I've had for a good month or more and "forgot" (read: didn't feel like) to do.

Also. School vacation. WTF daycare lady. Isn't the point of daycare to give working parents a safe/healthy/educational/fun environment for their children to be in while the parents are working (and the kids aren't in school obviously)? Could have fooled me, but that's what I thought too. So, why, DC lady, when a school vacation approaches, do you tell me "Oh, I'll be open ___day and ___day, but I'll be closed the rest of vacation".

Now, I understand, Oldest daughter isn't in school yet, so school vacation doesn't apply to her. BUT, I do have two other kids who are in school, and I struggle to find them places to go over vacation so I can continue to work and bring home that money that pays your paycheck. You know that one that is a Minimum of $75 for the week, whether she's there or not, that I only agreed to because no other daycare in town had openings? Youngest daughter (2) still comes to work with me, even though I'm not nursing anymore, just because I can't afford to pay you for all your vacations.

Now, I suppose, I need to get back to tending the THREE kids I had to bring to work with me today because no one was available to babysit and daycare was closed. Over school vacation. Blah.

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