Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ooooh, Baby You Read My Mind.

Yeah, so my husband and I have always had this uncanny knack of being able to read each others minds, finish each others sentences, say what the other is thinking, etc.


The other night we had picked up some food from the store, stuff to have mexican food for dinner, some milk for cereal in the morning, and egg nog just cause we love it.

So I'm putting the milk and egg nog into the fridge, and almost, by habit, put the egg nog on the bottom shelf of the door. That's where we keep the milk because our fridge is weird and that's the only place it wont freeze or spoil when the weather is warm, plus the kids can reach it.

I second guessed myself thinking "If I put this on the bottom shelf, someone is going to wind up putting it in cereal in the morning, I can see it now".

Turned around... and hubby starts on saying "You know, I once put egg nog in my cereal because I was out of milk."


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